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Large Scale Events Hosting, Professional Performance Mastery
E2 Media has hosted/supported many big events and set up the most professional commercial performance producing team to make the best performance in Sydney. For the past 5 years, we have hosted the famous crosstalk show of Guo Degang, and best male singer in China-Wang Feng’s world music concert tour in Sydney, as well as commercial performances of Emil Chau (Zhou Huajian), Aska Yang (Yang Zongwei), and Yue Yunpeng,etc. E2 Media has developed close relationship with many agencies in Great China, and will present the more and more great performance to the Chinese in Sydney. In the future, we will introduce more upmarket performances to Sydney, such as pop music, classical music, dance, drama and acrobatics, etc
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International exchange of economic、cultural and film

At E2 Media, the essence lies in the vibrant international exchange of economic, economic, cultural, and film realms. Our spectrum embraces not just grand-scale concerts and commercial performances, but also encompasses comprehensive events like Economic and cultural exchanges, exchanges, new product launches, film distribution, distribution, and initiatives fostering China-Australia communication. These endeavors are meticulously crafted to germinate business business opportunities, propelling the thriving development development of enterprises within the contours of these two nations.

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Company Events

Apart from big ground activities like concert, E2Media has organized and implemented marketing roadshows, function, annual dinner, culture exchange and communication for Australian enterprise, in order to improve brand images and reputation of the companies.

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Commercial road show

E2 Media is one of  the Australia-based  large scale and the most experienced events company, which has ability to manage different scales of events, So far E2 Media has succeed hosted many commercial road show, assisting clients gain the promotion during the road show, and within appropriate time, E2 Media make the events as perfect as we can.

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